During 15 years of providing plant variety registration service in Vietnam, SB has always been on the list of IP law firms that have filed the most plant variety registration applications in Vietnam and been ranked by Legal500, ASIA LAW and WTR as the leading IP law firm in Vietnam. So what are the benefits of using SB’s plant variety registration service?

Plant varieties are a special subject of intellectual property law. Vietnam is an agricultural country, in which many new plant varieties are being born. However, interest in plant variety protection has not been enhanced. Realizing this problem, SB offers a comprehensive plant variety registration service to clients, including the following main services:

  • Registration of plant varieties in Vietnam and internationally

SB not only helps clients to register plant varieties in the domestic market but also has the ability to establish rights to plant varieties in foreign markets for clients.

  • Minimum cost of plant variety registration for clients

With a team of 17-experienced intellectual property lawyers, SB will plan to register plant varieties for clients in the direction of maximizing the scope of protection, along with choosing an effective registration method. in terms of cost.

  • Advising on a comprehensive plant variety registration strategy in Vietnam for Clients

SB has a complete consulting process matured over 15 years for domestic and international clients, individuals and institutions. We can help clients with the following tasks:

+ Investigate the possibility of bringing the product to market:

Before a product is put on the domestic or international market, it is necessary to ensure that it does not infringe on a plant variety or design previously granted to another party. SB’s team of lawyers will make appropriate strategies for each type of product so that they can come to the most accurate conclusions about risks and safety when bringing products to market.

Service of plant variety registration in Vietnam

+ Look up the possibility of plant variety registration before submitting the official application at the Competent Authority

In order for a plant variety to be granted an exclusive right, it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Novel
  2. distinctive
  3. Hmogenous
  4. Stable
  5. Suitable Name

+ On behalf of enterprises and individuals Register plant varieties in Vietnam at competent authorities

A big challenge for enterprises is to prepare the application for registration of plant varieties in accordance with regulations, to select the widest range of protection for the plant variety. Besides, managing and tracking plant variety applications over a period of two to three years is not an easy task. Recognizing these difficulties of plant breeders or plant variety owners, SB decided to provide plant variety registration services to applicants at the Competent Authority.

SB’s service of plant variety registration in Vietnam includes the following steps:

+ Conduct the search of plant varieties (as mentioned above) to assess the registrability of the plant variety’s protection criteria;

+ Write a description of the plant variety

+ Draft application for registration of plant varieties;

+ Submit application for plant variety registration at the competent authority;

+ Pay the plant variety registration fee;

+ Follow up the plant variety registration application for the Client until the final result is signed;

+ Representing the Client in responding to possible amendments and omissions during the application for plant variety registration;

+ Handing over the plant variety certificate to the client when receiving it from the competent authority.

  • SB’s prestige has been confirmed

For many years in a row, SB has been ranked as the leading IP law firm in Vietnam by prestigious international legal ranking organisations such as Legal500 and World Trademark Review.

  • What clients say about the service of SB

+ Legal 500:

  • SB handles a wide range of work for foreign and domestic clients on cross-border issues related to copyrightpatent and trademark. The work is headed by lawyers Nguyen Tien Hoa and Pham Duy Khuong, who are experienced in trademark registration and enforcement . For cross-border trademark cases , the company has alliances with companies in other countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
  • SB has strong teams specialized in each topic of IP. Therefore, SB is capable of offer exceptional and excellent advice in difficult cases.
  • Pham Duy Khuong is a very responsible lawyer with intelligent advice for his clients.
  • SB stands out in its methods , ability to respond to urgent requests and cooperation skills with associates.

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