After more than 15 years, SB’s intellectual property dispute service has successfully helped many clients on IP disputes in Vietnam and internationally. SB is ranked by Legal500, ASIA LAW, WTR as the top tier IP dispute law firm in Vietnam. So what are the benefits of using SB’s IP dispute service?

With a team of well-trained intellectual property lawyers in Vietnam and abroad along with long-term practice experience in the field of intellectual property, SB is highly appreciated in the following aspects:

Handle many different IP disputes in Vietnam through administrative or court proceedings:

  • Handling IP dispute in Vietnam about Trademarks, trade names, geographical indications;
  • Handling IP dispute in Vietnam about inventions and utility solutions;
  • Handling IP dispute in Vietnam over industrial designs;
  • Handling copyright disputes: software, applied art works, written works, songs;
  • Handling intellectual property dispute in Vietnam about domain names.

Offering efficient cost of IP dispute in Vietnam for Clients

With a team of 17-experienced intellectual property lawyers, SB will plan to handle intellectual property dispute  for Clients in the direction of maximizing the scope of protection or minimizing damage, along with a cost-effective problem -solving option.

IP dispute Lawyers in Vietnam

Providing with a comprehensive intellectual property dispute resolution strategy in Vietnam for Clients

Each subject of IP dispute in Vietnam requires different handling approaches. In addition, depending on the extent of the infringement, the infringer or the right holder, the status of the evidence that SB will give the Client the corresponding intellectual property dispute resolution method.

We can help clients with the following tasks:

+ Collecting and saving evidence of infringement of intellectual property rights

It must be said that detecting an infringement of intellectual property rights is already a challenge, saving such evidence as a basis for filing a request for handling to the authorities or as a basis for determining damages more important and more difficult. SB with a team of experienced dispute attorneys knows how to save the most legal way for clients.

+ Investigating the market for suspected infringement

Based on the subject of intellectual property rights infringement and based on the information provided by the Clients, SB may conduct market surveys and surveys on different information channels to determine the identity of the alleged party.

+ Evaluating acts of infringement on intellectual property

To conclude an act of infringing upon intellectual property rights such as trademark infringement, counterfeiting, the opinion of a third party has the function of concluding that the suspected act is  infringing upon the rights of the right holder or not is a very significant action.

SB will help clients prepare documents for assessment of such infringement at the competent authority.

+ Representing enterprises and individuals to handle IP dispute in Vietnam

A big challenge for businesses is to prepare raid action request of lawsuit on intellectual property in accordance with regulations. Besides, it is not easy to manage and track an intellectual property dispute over a period of time. Recognizing these difficulties of businesses and individuals, SB decides to provide intellectual property dispute resolution services for enterprises.

SB’s intellectual property dispute resolution service scope in Vietnam includes the following steps:

  • Conducting negotiations between the two infringing parties and the party whose interests are infringed;
  • Preparing dossiers requesting administrative handling of acts of infringing upon intellectual property rights ;
  • Working with authorities to handle acts of infringing upon IP rights;
  • Initiating a lawsuit in court to claim compensation for infringement of IP rights ;
  • Ensuring maximum protection for rights holders being infringed.

SB’s prestige has been confirmed

For many years in a row, SB has been ranked as the leading IP law firm in Vietnam by prestigious international legal ranking organizations such as Legal500 and World Trademark Review.

What clients say about the service of SB

+ Legal 500:

  • SB handles a wide range of work for foreign and domestic clients on cross-border issues related to copyright, patent and trademark. The work is headed by lawyers Nguyen Tien Hoa and Pham Duy Khuong , who are experienced in trademark registration and enforcement. For cross-border trademark cases , the company has alliances with companies in other countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
  • SB has strong teams specialized in each topic of IP. Therefore, SB is capable of offer exceptional and excellent advice in difficult cases.
  • Pham Duy Khuong is a very responsible lawyer with intelligent advice for his clients.
  • SB stands out in its methods , ability to respond to urgent requests and cooperation skills with associates.

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