After more than 15 years of operation, SB’s trademark registration service has successfully consulted for more than 8000 clients to register trademark in Vietnam and internationally. SB is ranked by Legal500, ASIALAW, WTR as the top tier IP law firm in Vietnam for years. So what are the benefits of using SB’s trademark registration service in Vietnam?

SB’s trademark registration service is highlighted by clients for the following strong points:

  • Maximum cost saving of registration of trademark in Vietnam for Clients

With a team of 17-experienced intellectual property (IP) lawyers, SB will figure out an efficient plan to register trademarks for Clients in the direction of maximizing the scope of protection, and at the same time, choosing an effective way to register trademarks to save their budget.

  • Consulting a comprehensive strategy of trademark registration in Vietnam for Clients

SB has a advanced consulting process after 15 years for local and international clients, individuals and institutions. We can help clients with the following tasks:

+ Investigate the possibility of bringing the product to market:

Before a product is launched on the Vietnam market, it is necessary to ensure that the trademark bearing that product is not identical or similar to a trademark that has been registered by another party before. SB’s team of trademark lawyers will make appropriate strategies for each type of product so that they can come to the most accurate conclusions about risks and safety when bringing products to the Vietnam market.

Trademark Attorneys in Vietnam

+ Conduct the search for availability of trademark before submitting an official application of trademark in Vietnam at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam

In Vietnam, trademark ownership is established on the basis that who registers first, the right of priority is given to that person (first to file). Annually, tens of thousands of trademark applications are file, and the idea of the same or similar trademark between the parties is common. Therefore, trademark applicants should conduct a trademark search before submitting a formal trademark application. The search results will show whether the Applicant’s trademark is identical or similar to another’s trademark registered for the same or similar products.

The trademark search is absolutely necessary to avoid the case that after waiting for the trademark application to be approved (at least 16-18 months), the result is that the Trademark is refused to grant trademark certificate. Then, businesses or individuals will have to remake another trademark.

Therefore, in order to assess the possibility of trademark registration, SB provides the trademark search services to help businesses and organizations evaluate the possibility of trademark registration. Basic information to know about trademark search is as follows:

  • Search time: 05 days
  • Search Documents: The applicant needs to provide us with the following documents to conduct the search:
  • trademark samples;
  • list of goods/services bearing the mark.

+ On behalf of trademark applicants registering trademark in Vietnam at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam

Vietnam Law requires all foreign enterprises/individuals to have an authorised Intellectual property Agent in Vietnam to represent if they would like to register trademark in Vietnam. SB has 15 experience years of helping the foreign enterprises/individuals register and protect their trademarks in Vietnam. In addition, we are working, co-operating with foreign intellectual property agents from different countries to register trademark for their clients in Vietnam.

SB’s Vietnam trademark registration service scope includes the following steps:

+ Conducing trademark search (as mentioned above) to assess the registrability of the trademark;

+ Drafting trademark application dossiers;

+ Filing a trademark application in Vietnam at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam;

+ Paying trademark allowance fee;

+ Following up the trademark registration application for trademark applicants until the final result is issued;

+ Representing trademark applicants in responding to possible amendments and refusal in the trademark registration process in Vietnam;

+ Monitoring and watching other brands that are likely to affect the Client’s trademark to advise on appropriate handling;

+ Handing over the Trademark Registration Certificate in Vietnam to the Client upon receipt from the National Office of Intellectual Property;

+ Notifying trademark applicants when the time limit for renewal of Trademark validity is reached after 10 years.

  • A team of trademark lawyers capable of understanding IP law in Vietnam and internationally

SB not only has the strength in trademark registration within the territory of Vietnam, but also excels in legal advice on intellectual property in many different countries around ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

  • SB’s prestige and ranking have been confirmed

For many years, SB has been ranked as top tier Vietnam IP law firm by prestigious international law ranking organizations such as Legal500 and World Trademark Review.

+ Legal 500:

SB handles a range of primarily non-contentious work for foreign and domestic clients on cross-border matters concerning the full spectrum of copyrights, patents and trade marks. Overseen by Nguyen Tien Hoa, the practice group also includes director Pham Duy Khuong, who has experience in trademark prosecution and enforcement. As far as cross-border work is concerned, the firm has alliances with firms in other countries in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

SB has specialised strong teams in each subject matter of IP. It provides exceptional and outstanding advice in tough cases.

Pham Duy Khuong is a very responsible lawyer with smart advice for his clients.

Know-how, ability to accommodate urgent requests and also collaborate with associates.

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