SB’s copyright registration service in Vietnam has successfully consulted for many Vietnam and international clients after more than 15 years. So what are the benefits of using our copyright registration service?

With a team of experienced copyright lawyers, we have brought the following outstanding advantages to our copyright registration service:

Advising on selection of the appropriate form of copyright registration in Vietnam

Copyright in Vietnam includes many different objects such as songs, drawings, designs, music, lyrics, software, games, and applied work art. The classification and selection of the appropriate copyright registration form to maximize the scope of copyright protection is not an easy task. Especially when there are many overlapping objects between Copyright or Trademark, Copyright or Design, Copyright or Patent.

SB’s team of lawyers will help clients classify and choose a copyright registration form to maximize the scope and term of protection for the right holder.

Copyright Registration in Vietnam

Offering effective cost of copyright registration in Vietnam for Clients

With a team of 17-experienced intellectual property lawyers, SB will plan to register copyrights for Clients in the direction of maximizing the scope of protection and considerable cost.

Consulting a comprehensive copyright registration strategy for Clients

SB has a complete consulting process established over 15 years for Vietnam and international clients, individuals and institutions. We can help clients with the following tasks:

+ On behalf of businesses and individuals registering copyright at the Vietnam Copyright Office

A big challenge for businesses is to prepare copyright registration documents in accordance with regulations. Besides, it is not easy to manage and track a copyright application. Recognizing these difficulties of businesses and individuals, SB decided to provide copyright registration services for businesses at the Copyright Office of Vietnam.

SB’s copyright registration service scope in Vietnam includes the following steps:

  • Drafting copyright registration documents:

Copyright registration dossiers, depending on each object, will include the following documents:

  • Power of Attorney (Form of SB)
  • Declaration of Ownership (Sample of SB)
  • Business registration certificate (applicable if the applicant is a legal entity)
  • Identity card (applicable if the applicant is an individual)
  • Description of work (Sample of SB)
  • Commitment (Form of SB)

          Time to issue copyright certificates: 10 – 25 days

  • Submit a copyright registration application at the Copyright Office of Vietnam;
  • Following up the copyright application in Vietnam for the Client until the final result is issued;

  • Representing the Client in responding to possible amendments and refusals during the copyright registration application process in Vietnam;

  • Paying fees for granting copyright certificates;

  • Handing over the Copyright Registration Certificate to the Client upon receipt from the Copyright Office of Vietnam;

Team of intellectual property lawyers knowledgeable about copyright law in Vietnam and the world.

According to the provisions of the Berne Convention, a work is automatically protected by copyright from the moment it is fixed in a certain form, the scope of protection is in all countries that are parties to the Berne Convention.

SB is not only strong in copyright registration within the territory of Vietnam, but also excels in legal advice on intellectual property in many different countries around the world thanks to its team of lawyers, traditional partners, established and refined through more than 15 years of practice. It is this that helps businesses doing business in Vietnam and doing business internationally to be equipped with the legal and sustainable way to establish and develop copyright in the international market.

SB’s prestige has been confirmed

For many years in a row, SB has been ranked as the top tier IP law firm in Vietnam by prestigious international law firms such as Legal500 and World Trademark Review.

What clients say about the service of SB

+ Legal 500:

  • SB handles a wide range of work for foreign and domestic clients on cross-border issues related to copyright, patent and trademark. The work is headed by lawyers Nguyen Tien Hoa Giam and Pham Duy Khuong , who are experienced in copyright registration and enforcement. For cross-border copyright cases , the company has alliances with companies in other countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
  • SB has strong teams specialized in each topic of IP. Therefore, SB is capable of offer exceptional and excellent advice in difficult cases.
  • Pham Duy Khuong is a very responsible lawyer with intelligent advice for his clients.
  • SB stands out in its methods , ability to respond to urgent requests and cooperation skills with associates.

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